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Virginia Bar Associations - Statewide

Virginia State Bar (VSB), Richmond

The Virginia State Bar (VSB) was created in 1938 by the General Assembly as an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia. The creation of the agency unified Virginia’s lawyers in a mandatory State Bar. The VSB is governed by its Council and Executive Committee, whose members are elected or appointed from every judicial circuit in the Commonwealth. The mission of the Virginia State Bar, as an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia, is to regulate the legal profession of Virginia; to advance the availability and quality of legal services provided to the people of Virginia; and to assist in improving the legal profession and the judicial system.

Virginia Bar Associations - Local

Virginia Beach Bar Association (VBBA), Virginia Beach

The VBBA was founded in 1957 to promote justice and the advancement of legal science, to enhance and uphold the ethical standards of the legal profession, to cultivate good fellowship among its members, to provide continuing legal education for local attorneys, and to assist in the maintenance of a law library for the benefit of the legal community and general public.

Roanoke Bar Association (RBA), Roanoke

The Roanoke Bar Association was established to provide a forum for the promotion of professional excellence among members of the Bar in the Roanoke area and to foster the development of community relationships between the citizens and the membership. Our ongoing mission is to provide innovative and educational opportunities for the members and to expand public awareness through the creation of long-term, professional relationships based upon integrity, fairness, and respect.

Prince William County Bar Association (PWCBA), Manassas

The Prince William County Bar Association, Inc., (PWCBA) is a voluntary organization of lawyers and judges that practice in Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Members of the PWCBA are dedicated to the common goals of improving the administration of justice, ensuring the competency and integrity of the legal profession, providing law-related education and pro bono legal services facilitating public access to a lawyer, and sponsoring community service projects for the benefit of the local community.

Metropolitan Richmond Women’s Bar Association (MRWBA), Richmond

To improve the professional competence of area lawyers, including its members, through educational and other means; To promote understanding and appropriate reform in the law; judicial procedure and the science of jurisprudence generally; To preserve and promote the honor and integrity of the legal profession; To support and enhance personal satisfaction and professional advancement of women in the legal profession and in the judiciary; To promote’ collegiality among women in the legal profession; To facilitate and improve the administration of justice; To promote the delivery of legal services to the entire community and to foster civic and community service; To promote an increased understanding by the public of the legal system; To inform and stimulate debate among the members of the Association on legal and social issues affecting the legal profession; To undertake any other matters necessary or proper to the operation of a voluntary Bar Association; and To do all things necessary or desirable to carry out the foregoing purposes.

McLean Bar Association, McLean

The McLean Bar Association is a voluntary organization of McLean attorneys, committed to serving the community and the legal profession by promoting the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence in the legal profession; advancing relations among its lawyers and the administration of justice.

Henrico County Bar Association, Richmond

To instill in the members of the legal profession a high standard of honor and integrity to the client, the courts and to the community; To promote reform in the law and in the judicial procedure; To participate in the affairs of Henrico County and the State of Virginia to ensure the orderly and fair administration of justice; To encourage social intercourse among the members of the Bar.

Fauquier County Bar Association (FBA), Warrenton

The Fauquier County Bar Association (FBA) is a voluntary professional organization. The FBA and its members work to maintain and advance the honor associated with the legal profession, to improve the community in which they live and to promote the administration of justice in society.

Fairfax Bar Association (FBA), Fairfax

Cultivate professional competence, development, education, cooperation, collegiality and diversity among its members; Facilitate interactions between its members and members of the Bench; Enhance and foster the public’s understanding of the practice of the law and the judicial system by providing public outreach and educational programs; Operate a public law library; and, Serve as a leading voice of the profession in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Arlington County Bar Association (ACBA), Arlington

The Arlington County Bar Association believes everyone who needs a lawyer is entitled to one. To implement this goal, the Arlington County Bar Association established in 1969 the Lawyer Referral Service. LRS, a public service, recommends qualified attorneys in the fields of law in which you need help. Special accommodations such as evening or weekend hours, and Spanish-speaking lawyers, are available.

Alexandria Bar Association, Alexandria

The Alexandria Bar Association has been serving the community for over 75 years, established in 1928. Several members of the law community of Alexandria realized there was a need for more involvement in this community. They also understood they need to unite the law